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Beyond the Screen: CES2020 Day Two

CES 2020 Day 2 with
Living in Digital Times

01/08/2020: CES 2020 is well underway, and  Red Valley Media Group was ready to go! The production crew started bright and early setting up the LIVE coverage for Living in Digital Times. Here is a summary of the days events!

At the start of Day 2, the Red Valley Media Group Production crew was all ready to go. CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) tends to peak in its attendance on Day two, but that did not bar us from getting things done. On today’s roster of events, Living in Digital Times held the Wearable Tech Summit, The High-Tech Retailing conference, and Day Two of Digital Health Live & The Digital Health Summit. Since the events were spread out between three locations, The Venetian, The Sands Convention Center and The Las Vegas Convention Center, the Video Production crew was broken into teams to allow full coverage.

Industry professionals such as Sean Slovenski, Senior Vice President, President Health & Wellness Walmart & award winning journalist, Katie Couric  the future of health and wellness at Day two of the Digital Health Summit in the Venetian meeting rooms. Our two man crew, consisting of a professional photographer & a camera operator chronicled the activities of the day.

Nextdoor, at Wearable Tech Summit, our second two-man crew, documented industry physicians and professionals discussing the power of wearables in the fashion industry, environmental clothing, and even the fashion and functionality of wearable technology.

On the Digital Health Live Stage our third production crew, consisting of two camera operators and a quality control assistant worked together to confirm guests being interviewed and capturing them discussing their various upcoming projects and products. Meanwhile, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the crew lead Doug Farra accompanied by the Lead Photographer & Social Media Specialist attended the stand-alone High-Tech Retailing Exhibition to capture solo promotional materials and images.

Though spanned across 4 separate locations, The Red Valley Media Group Production crew was capable of compiling not only quality video content, but coordinate well a polished post-production process that allowed for rapid upload to our client’s social media platforms. With day two succesfully completed, we’re eagerly anticipating the CES 2020 finale!

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Beyond the Screen: CES2020 Day One

CES 2020 Day 1 with
Living in Digital Times

01/07/2020: The hustle and bustle of CES 2020. The Red Valley Media Group Production crew starts LIVE coverage Living in Digital Times has planned. Here is a behind the scenes look, and a showcase of the various sub-summits.

CES (The Consumer Electronic Show) has begun. Since it is easily the most anticipated electronics tradeshow and convention of the year, it is expected to draw a high volume crowd comprised of individuals and products from around the world. Our client, Living in Digital Times hosts a series of informational and educational summits based off of their various editorials. Red Valley Media Group’s video production crew had the honor of capturing the Digital Health Summit, Digital Health LIVE, & The Digital Money Forum experiences of day one.

At The Digital Health Summit, in the Venetian Lando meeting room, the video & photography crew members catch all of the action. A wide array of professionals weighed in on topics from the surging voice in the healthcare industry to how within this decade tech may trump disease, and Red Valley Media Group was there to capture the entire day.

Downstairs at Digital Health Live stage, our 3 man crew addition, had the honor of video documenting a LIVE discussion of a pannel of physicians with the infamous Dr. Oz. Durring his discussion, he covered how sleep data accelerates precisaion medicine. Maria Menounos, a Rally health Ambassador, was also covered as she discussed why digital navigation is so important when it comes to health.

In the Digital Money Forum, E-commerce and currency in the digital age was disussed. The activities were once again covered by the high caliber professionals at Red Valley Media Group. Speakers of high notoriety deliberate on topics like the digital revolution in banking and the cryptocurrency revolution that will boom in the new decade.

The day drew to a close quickly with all of the busy events of the day. The video production crew on every project & at every level maintained the uppermost level of professionalizm through all of the hustle and bustle. It was an exciting day full of information and high profile experiences. The team can’t wait to start Day two!

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Beyond the Screen: Set Up Day CES2020

Beyond The Screen

CES2020: Setup with
Living in Digital Times

01/07/2020: Red Valley Media Group continued the 5 yr custom of providing high caliber video production services for Living in Digital Times. Enjoy this behind the scenes look at the set-up day events.

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is notably the biggest technology trade show convention of the year. For the past 5 years, Red Valley Media Group has been retained by Living in Digital Times to produce their LIVE video content of the events & interviews of the show.

Since Living in Digital Times has a variety of digital lifestyle publications, there was so much work to do prior to the event commencing. The video production crew started bright and early setting up the allotted areas needed for the convention event areas at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nv.

As the day progressed and equipment was configured, the production crew established a full studio set in the middle of the Health & Wellness section of the showroom floor for Digital Health Live & upstairs two fully equipped stages for the Digital Money conference sessions in the venetian meeting rooms.

We’re just getting started. The events kick-off tomorrow 01.07.2020, and we will be engaged in an abundance of activity. Not only will we be capturing speakers & interviews LIVE, but also covering the Post-production aspects of bringing all of the content together behind the scenes.

Consisting of 17 members, the video production crew is amped to get the week started. We can’t wait to show you more!

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Beyond the Screen: Nectar Bath Treats

Beyond The Screen

Commercial Video
with Nectar Bath Treats

12/23/2019: Red Valley Media Group was welcomed into the Corporate Headquarters of Nectar Bath Treats. The video production crew got to work their commercial magic. Here is a behind the scenes look at the process.

Nectar Bath Treats is an all-natural skincare and bath products company, based in Las Vegas, NV, with a total of 8 locations across Nevada and California. They pride themselves in providing plant-based & handmade products with no artificial or non-eco additives.

With a company culture just as whimsical as their products, and made of people who are just as unique, it was obvious that they are passionate about the environment, customers, and their communities.

Red Valley Media Group, was honored to be invited into their inner sanctum, their corporate offices in the Southeast part of the Las Vegas Valley. Our elite production crew, made up of our Director & Director of Photograpy Doug Farra, Assistant Camera Op Yev Zakharkin, and two production assistants, got to work on the newest commercial social media video project for NectarUsa.com.

On-site at Nectar Bath Treats in-house production photography & video studio, the crew set up a green screen environment for adding high caliber video effects in post-production. A variety of equipment was used in the 10-hour process. The main video camera utilized was the Sony XDCAM PXW-FS5, and for the behind the scenes photography, the Canon EOS R was used.

Our entire production crew, whether directing, operating a camera, prepping the scene, or setting up the set, was dedicated to assisting Nectar Bath Treats in creating transparent video content that was true to their brand & company culture.

As we move on into the next phase of the project, post-production, we can’t wait to show you more! Stay tuned for the finished video content coming soon!

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