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Beyond the Screen: CES2020 Day Three

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CES 2020 Day 3 with
Living in Digital Times

01/09/2020: At the half-way mark through the CES 2020 scuttle, The Red Valley Media Group video production continues to document the LIVE & summit events for their client Living in Digital Times. Below is a recap of the day’s events and a behind the scenes lookat the crew in action.

Day Three of CES2020, held no pause to a great number of events surrounding tech and electronics. Red Valley Media Group continued to roll with tide, and assist in creating and capturing captivating content of the day’s proceedings. As Living in Digital Times designated day 3 as the closing day to all of their various conferences, sessions, and events, Red Valley Media Group was designated to cover five oput of the seven to be held. Day Three of Digital Health Live, The Kids & Family Tech Summit, and The KAPi Awards were held in the Lando rooms of the Venetian Hotel & Casino, while Baby Tech, FitnesTech, & BeautyTech, were covered on the showroom floor of  The Sands Convention Center.

At Digital Health Live, innovators such as HairMAX, the leading at-home hair laser treatment producers, & Baby Brezza, the number one brand producer of baby appliances were interviewed. While upstairs at the Kids & Family Tech Summit, speakers covered the new role 5G will play in family life, as well as topics like the Furure of AR/VR childrens gaming.

Later on in the day, the much anticipated KAPi awards took place. There creative innovators in children’s media and technology compete in a variety of categories like “Best Overall Technology Toy” & “Best use of Emerging Technology”. The 2020 Winners and honorable mentions were announced and covered via video by a two-man production branch of the Red Valley Media Group video production crew.

On the showroom floor, three diverse exhibits in BabyTech, FitnessTech, and BeautyTech were chronicled. Though common in the subject, that being technology and electronics, our team dispersed amongst the various exhibits capturing what’s to soon reach the consumer market.

Our entire production crew was dedicated to getting all tasks at hand covered and well documented for our client’s closing of events. By this point in the schedule we had already uploaded the completed content for CES2020 Day one and Two. We pride ourselves on prompt delivery and high caliber content, so this venture, as an elite production team was nothing short of exigent, yet greatly edifying.

We have so much more to share as we wrap all of the projects for Living in Digital Times! Looking forward to presenting it to you here on our behind the scenes blog series! Stay tuned!

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