CES 2020 Day 4 with Living in Digital Times

01/10/2020: The end of CES 2020 is at hand, and video production crew at The Red Valley Media Group takes a step back to review all that was covered, gather equipment & finalize all of the content in  post-production. The show may be almost over, but there is still work to be done!

With the summit events for Living in Digital Times concluded at the previous day, the video production crew at Red Valley Media Group took the day to gather equipment and focus solely on post-production. Well underway and ready to conclude, the final day of CES2020, was still full of vibrant attendees and exhibitors, all exploring the variety of technology exhibits brought together by Living in Digital Times.

Here is a recap of all that was covered by the video production crew at Red Valley Media Group.

Day 1: Red Valley Media Group’s video production crew had the honor of capturing the Digital Health Summit, Digital Health LIVE, & The Digital Money Forum experiences of day one. All of which were covered by the various Camera Operators & 3-man Photographer team simultaniously.

Day 2: Held no pause to a great amount of events surrounding tech and electronics. In particular, the Wearable Tech Summit, The High-Tech Retailing conference, and Day Two of Digital Health Live & The Digital Health Summit. Spanned out between three locations, The VenetianThe Sands Convention Center and The Las Vegas Convention Center. All of which was covered by The Red Valley Media Group Production Crew.

Day 3: As a close to the CES 2020 festivities drew near, Living in Digital Times held the Digital Health Live session interviews, The Kids & Family Tech Summit, and The KAPi Awards in the Lando rooms of the Ventitan Hotel & Casino. Meanwhile, the Baby Tech, FitnesTech, & BeautyTech exhibits were covered on the show room floor of  The Sands Convention Center with no challenge to the Red Valley Media Group Production crew.

While focusing solely on video post-production on day four, it was an honor to document parts of this year’s largest & most influential #technology event! Providing our client with high caliber video production content and work, was our light of the event. Consisting of some 16 crew members, 7 camera operators, 4 photographers, 3 production assistants, 2 editors. All of which were lead & coordinated by the President & CEO of Red Valley Media Group, Doug Farra.

We can’t wait till next year’s exciting projects for Living in Digital Times! If you’d like to take a closer look at all that was produced, feel free to visit Living in Digital Times Youtube channel or our dedicated Playlist on the Red Valley Media Group Youtube Channel.

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