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Under-budget Marketing Series: Your Social Media Presence

03/03/2020: Establishing a strong social media presence is a great way to market under-budget. You can utilize your social media channels to generate business leads with minimal monetary investment quickly. Given the right info, your marketing strategy budget can work best for you and your business. There are three key factors to doing this:

First and foremost, Be Active. It is vital to post and be active on social media, with a minimum of 1-2 posts daily on all your social media channels. Doing this allows you to establish a rapport for your brand and a sense of regularity, which is essential to your followers and new leads as well. The more active you are, the better, as it shows that you are communicative and interactive with your clients and brand.

Second, Create Compelling Content, the type of content that yields significant results. Two specific types of content are relatively easy to accomplish, user-generated content (USG), and ephemeral content (Stories). USG Is one of the most effective methods of social media marketing. Traffic can be easily generated, in turn adding virility to your company or brand. Studies have shown that, though this method takes some heavy lifting on your part, consumers trust USG content 50% more than they believe other media, which is why its the most successful method to increase your lead conversions. With Ephemeral Content, whether Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, temporary stories increase brand awareness and follower engagement. Stories add a certain level of transparency and authenticity to your business, showing viewers that you are open and real, and ultimately upping your brand awareness. Many brands are now using ephemeral content or disappearing content as an essential aspect of their overall marketing strategies, finding that stories give leverage, drive urgency, and engagement from your audience.

Lastly, Focus On Quality. The quality of the content created MUST be high caliber. Videos and images must be crisp and easy to view. If the content can’t be understood, you can’t expect a follow, alike, or let alone a new lead. With the use of a DSLR, Mirrorless camera, or a superior grade phone camera, you can perfect your social media look in a strategy that can pay off. Thankfully, tons of apps can help you get started; here are just a few available on Android & iPhone:

  • Snapseed: A free photo editing app that allows you to edit & apply pro filters to your images & video for social. Your pictures need to carry a specific look and theme for brand awareness.
  • Adobe Spark: As a part of the Creative Cloud, Adobe Spark has an online desktop version as well as a fully immersive mobile App. This program is excellent for creating branded content. It allows you to apply .png logo & apply text & images, provides an immense library of content to edit and create new content, including engaging animation effects for every social media platform size.
  • StoryArt: Is an app that lets users create animated stories from a wide variety of templates. This app is a good back up to Adobe Spark to add some curated art to your social media with a bit more ease of use and speed. The templates are editable and allow for photo & video story display. It also has a highlight cover creation tool for social stories that you’d like to pin to your page.
  • Giphy: This app lets you create gifs from the animated videos or stories you create. Giphy is excellent for adding videos in places that don’t allow for large content like google business posts and twitter. It’s also great for creating your own branded gifs to use on your social posts.

Allocating and advocating funds for your social media marketing can be difficult. We at Red Valley Media Group specialize in creating business to business marketing content and hope that with the information we’ve provided, helps to establish your social media presence firmly and under-budget.

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It’s Convention Season! Show the World What You’re Made Of!

It’s 2020 convention season! No doubt you’re excited to showcase all that your brand has to bring to the table. Red Valley Media Group provides a wide array of videography & photography services to small businesses & corporations. Let us help you show the WORLD what you can do!

With our high-caliber conference, seminar, tradeshow & informational videography services, we offer exceptional quality for all venues, conference types & styles with a touch unique to every client.

Over the past decade, we have assisted thousands of corporate and conference clients with superior video production content. No challenge is too small or big for us. Ultimately our goal is to assist our clients in telling their story so that they strategically place their company in the marketplace with high-quality & attractive content, represents your brand or business in the best way possible.




Whatever your media needs may be, we would enjoy the opportunity to utilize our insight to elevate your brand with exciting and engaging content.

Have an upcomming corporate convention even that needs high caliber video coverage content? Let Us assist you in reaching big audiences!

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The Top 2 Ways to Make a Game-Changing Artistic Fashion Video

01/31/2020: Now well into 2020, and it is well known now how an artistic fashion video campaign can be a game-changer for a fashion brand. At Red Valley Media Group, we understand this fact and use, not only our expertise, but our high-caliber skills to assist our clients in achieving their video production goals.

So you know the direction you want to go with your project, but not quite sure how to go about it. At Red Valley Media Group, we sit down and consult with you to discuss your vision and the best way to execute it. There are two main categories that artistic fashion videos fall into; Commercial & Cinematic videos and Thematic Showcase videos. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Commercial & Cinematic

These particular fashion videos tend to be favored the most by major brands. The reasoning is due to the production not featuring a hard sell of the product line. Instead, the story tends to be inspirational, moving, and creative. They involve music, choreography, and unique motion graphics. These video styles tend to allow for brands to relay a brief message authentic to their brand that’s entertaining & engaging.

Thematic Showcases

Transparency and empathy are huge in these types of fashion videos and tend to be the other favored style. These films allow for brands to showcase who they are behind the scenes, a more intimate setting that connects with their audience on a more personal level. The tone doesn’t need to be stern either, but can also have a humorous mockumentary feel, or a mashup of different themes that complement the brand. One thing is for sure; thematic showcases are honest, fun, and lighthearted in a humanizing way that relates what matters most to a brand — all in a sleek and comfortable package.

Whether you’re doing a live runway show or a fashion documentary, the video and photo production crew at Red Valley Media Group are knowledgable and prepared to take your project on. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our CEO & Director, Doug Farra, and his team are ready to take your call!

Are you interested in creating your own artistic fashion video? Let us help you make bold content that reaches big audiences!

Beyond the Screen: CES2020 Day Four

CES 2020 Day 4 with
Living in Digital Times

01/10/2020: The end of CES 2020 is at hand, and video production crew at The Red Valley Media Group takes a step back to review all that was covered, gather equipment & finalize all of the content in  post-production. The show may be almost over, but there is still work to be done!

With the summit events for Living in Digital Times concluded at the previous day, the video production crew at Red Valley Media Group took the day to gather equipment and focus solely on post-production. Well underway and ready to conclude, the final day of CES2020, was still full of vibrant attendees and exhibitors, all exploring the variety of technology exhibits brought together by Living in Digital Times.

Here is a recap of all that was covered by the video production crew at Red Valley Media Group.

Day 1: Red Valley Media Group’s video production crew had the honor of capturing the Digital Health Summit, Digital Health LIVE, & The Digital Money Forum experiences of day one. All of which were covered by the various Camera Operators & 3-man Photographer team simultaniously.

Day 2: Held no pause to a great amount of events surrounding tech and electronics. In particular, the Wearable Tech Summit, The High-Tech Retailing conference, and Day Two of Digital Health Live & The Digital Health Summit. Spanned out between three locations, The VenetianThe Sands Convention Center and The Las Vegas Convention Center. All of which was covered by The Red Valley Media Group Production Crew.

Day 3: As a close to the CES 2020 festivities drew near, Living in Digital Times held the Digital Health Live session interviews, The Kids & Family Tech Summit, and The KAPi Awards in the Lando rooms of the Ventitan Hotel & Casino. Meanwhile, the Baby Tech, FitnesTech, & BeautyTech exhibits were covered on the show room floor of  The Sands Convention Center with no challenge to the Red Valley Media Group Production crew.

While focusing solely on video post-production on day four, it was an honor to document parts of this year’s largest & most influential #technology event! Providing our client with high caliber video production content and work, was our light of the event. Consisting of some 16 crew members, 7 camera operators, 4 photographers, 3 production assistants, 2 editors. All of which were lead & coordinated by the President & CEO of Red Valley Media Group, Doug Farra.

We can’t wait till next year’s exciting projects for Living in Digital Times! If you’d like to take a closer look at all that was produced, feel free to visit Living in Digital Times Youtube channel or our dedicated Playlist on the Red Valley Media Group Youtube Channel.

Have an upcomming corporate convention even that needs high caliber video coverage content? Let Us assist you in reaching big audiences!

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Beyond the Screen: CES2020 Day Three

CES 2020 Day 3 with
Living in Digital Times

01/09/2020: At the half-way mark through the CES 2020 scuttle, The Red Valley Media Group video production continues to document the LIVE & summit events for their client Living in Digital Times. Below is a recap of the day’s events and a behind the scenes lookat the crew in action.

Day Three of CES2020, held no pause to a great number of events surrounding tech and electronics. Red Valley Media Group continued to roll with tide, and assist in creating and capturing captivating content of the day’s proceedings. As Living in Digital Times designated day 3 as the closing day to all of their various conferences, sessions, and events, Red Valley Media Group was designated to cover five oput of the seven to be held. Day Three of Digital Health Live, The Kids & Family Tech Summit, and The KAPi Awards were held in the Lando rooms of the Venetian Hotel & Casino, while Baby Tech, FitnesTech, & BeautyTech, were covered on the showroom floor of  The Sands Convention Center.

At Digital Health Live, innovators such as HairMAX, the leading at-home hair laser treatment producers, & Baby Brezza, the number one brand producer of baby appliances were interviewed. While upstairs at the Kids & Family Tech Summit, speakers covered the new role 5G will play in family life, as well as topics like the Furure of AR/VR childrens gaming.

Later on in the day, the much anticipated KAPi awards took place. There creative innovators in children’s media and technology compete in a variety of categories like “Best Overall Technology Toy” & “Best use of Emerging Technology”. The 2020 Winners and honorable mentions were announced and covered via video by a two-man production branch of the Red Valley Media Group video production crew.

On the showroom floor, three diverse exhibits in BabyTech, FitnessTech, and BeautyTech were chronicled. Though common in the subject, that being technology and electronics, our team dispersed amongst the various exhibits capturing what’s to soon reach the consumer market.

Our entire production crew was dedicated to getting all tasks at hand covered and well documented for our client’s closing of events. By this point in the schedule we had already uploaded the completed content for CES2020 Day one and Two. We pride ourselves on prompt delivery and high caliber content, so this venture, as an elite production team was nothing short of exigent, yet greatly edifying.

We have so much more to share as we wrap all of the projects for Living in Digital Times! Looking forward to presenting it to you here on our behind the scenes blog series! Stay tuned!

Have an upcoming corporate convention even that needs high caliber video coverage content? Let Us assist you in reaching big audiences!