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Healthcare Scene at HIMSS 2016

Red Valley Media Group worked with Healthcare Scene producing interviews during HIMSS 2016 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was on March 1st and 2nd.

At the HIMSS 2016 Annual conference, Shahid Shah from Netspective Media had a chance to talk with Souvik Das, Principal Data Scientist and Big Data Architect at Sutter Health at the SAP booth to talk about Souvik’s healthcare analytics ACO work at Sutter Health.

Talk with Colin Hung from Stericycle about the lack of patients at HIMSS and a healthcare IT vendor around interaction with patients. Plus, we dive into the concept of patient experience with Colin and patient’s desire to communicate and interact with their physician. We also talk about self scheduling appointments in healthcare.

Talk with Shafiq Rab, MD, MPH, Vice President and CIO at Hackensack UMC, at the DataMotion Health booth about Hackensack UMC’s approach to healthcare IT innovation. Shafiq offers some great insights into how to approach any healthcare IT project. He also talks about the Hackensack University Medical Center’s “selfie” app and their efforts to use Direct and FHIR to empower the patient.

Talk with Bob Janacek, Co-Founder and CTO of DataMotion Health, about the challenges associated with coordinating the entire care team in healthcare. He addresses the challenges associated with getting the right data to the right place at the right time. He also talks about how Direct can be used to solve some of the data interoperability issues in healthcare.

Talk with Dennis Robbins, PHD, MPH, National Thought Leader and Strategist and member of DataMotion Health Advisory Board about the right way to interact with patients who are generally passive when we expect them to be active. Plus, Dr. Robbins talks about treating patients as people instead of as patients and how doing so will improve the patient experience.

Talk with Dr. Peter Tippett, CEO of Healthcelerate and Co-Chairman of DataMotion, about the evolution of healthcare data sharing. We cover topics like the challenge of structured vs unstructured data, the subtleties of medicine, and ensuring the privacy and security of health data. We also talk about how to enable health data sharing.

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