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MoneyShow October 2015

Red Valley Media Group recorded a series of interviews for the MoneyShow at Paris Hotel & Casino on October 16, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.

Jackie Ann Patterson shares her outlook on the markets and why she feels now is a good time for traders to hone their strategies.

Jeffrey Kennedy shares his contrasting short-term and long-term outlook for gold.

In this video, Thomas Kee highlights the closest thing to a sure thing he knows.

Options expert Bob Lang discusses selling premium as a great way to go to get long the market or long particular stocks at a certain price level.

Jackie Ann Patterson discusses the indicators she uses for sector rotation.

Dave Landry discusses the ins and outs of determining a trend.

Al Brooks, MD discusses his morning trading routine, including support and resistance, which he has found to be the most important thing to look at all day long.

Linda Raschke talks about how trading has and has not changed in her 34 years as a veteran trader.

Damon Pavlatos discusses the importance of not overanalyzing the market.

In this video, JC Parets discusses two simple ways to use Fibonacci ratios

In this video, Michael Thomsett explains how to use options to place specific types of trades in a sideways market.

Linda Raschke discusses someone who was influential early on in her trading career and stresses the importance of having a trading routine.

Jeffrey Kennedy discusses his 4-pronged approach to the charts, including following the trend, pattern analysis, momentum, and Japanese candlesticks.

Michael Thomsett offers a conservative strategy for getting started with options by laying out the details of covered calls and the uncovered put.

Dave Landry explains that in terms of trying to find a bottom, it is important to think of it more as a process than an event.

Stefanie Kammerman stresses the importance of pre-market value because without it you don’t know where the buyers are and where the sellers are.

In this video, Thomas Kee explains how the liquidity crisis is not good for the stock market at all.

Jackie Ann Patterson discusses which sectors, which asset classes, and which styles are where she sees sector rotation occurring.

Thomas Kee discusses the sentiment table strategy, which is a NASDAQ-based indicator of market direction and overbought or oversold levels.

Damon Pavlatos discusses the advantage that traders on the floor used to have and how the landscape changed once trading started being executed in milliseconds.

JC Parets discusses how the market dictates interest rates and why he focuses on supply and demand and what the market is saying.

Veteran trader Linda Raschke explains that trading is not necessarily a comfortable thing, which is why it is important to remember you need to think for yourself.

In this video, Dave Landry shares his view of the sideways market of 2015, defines what he calls a bowtie signal, and stresses the importance of always having a stop in place.

In this video, Damon Pavlatos explains that you can’t use every trading system that is out there because it’s not going to work.

Options expert Bob Lang shares his outlook for where he sees volatility headed in the coming months and when its the optimum time for selling the volatility.

In this video, Michael Thomsett discusses how to manage risk in a portfolio and the risk that comes with options.

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