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2018 HighTech Retailing Conference


2018 HighTech Retailing Conference

Las Vegas, NV

The HighTech Retailing Summit at CES 2018, produced by Living in Digital Times, looks at digital transformations in the retail world. Brick and mortar stores are becoming experiential destinations, and online stores are becoming more personalized.

Red Valley Media Group produces several promotional videos for Living in Digital Times at its biggest event of the year in Las Vegas, NV. Red Valley Media Group film and production crews were all on location to capture these spectacular behind the scenes moments.

Website: http://www.hightechretailing.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HighTechRetail

Welcome: Shopping is Personal
Armed with Data
Take a Break with Walmart’s Store No. 8
Selling High Tech with High Tech
Pathways to Retail
Smart Retail as an Ecosystem
Machine to Machine E-commerce
Experiential Shopping
Cool Storefronts, Hot Data
How Augmented Reality Makes the Perfect You