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2019 High-Tech Retailing Conference


2019 High-Tech Retailing Conference

Las Vegas, NV

The HighTech Retailing Summit at CES 2019, produced by Living in Digital Times, looks at digital transformations in the retail world.

Red Valley Media Group had the pleasure of filming and producing high-quality video content for High-Tech Retailing at the Sands Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas.


Website: https: https://hightechretailing.com/

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The Death of Shopping as Usual

Shopping as a Virtual Adventure

My Personal Shopper

Robots in Aisle 5

Beauty and the Tech

Play with Your Clothes

Modeling Shopping Experiences Before They Happen

The 5 Great Technologies Transforming Retail

Enhancing Engagement: Understanding Consumer Behavior

The Experiences They Want, The Data You Need

Understanding the Asian Retail Market

Deborah Weinswig in a Chat with Cecelia Tian

Deborah Weinswig in a Chat with Chen Zhang

Can Big Companies and Startups Get Along?

High-Tech Retailing Discussion: From Clicks to Bricks

Is Your Smart Home Ready to Shop?

What 5G Means to Retail

Building the Retail Ecosystem

Solving for Consumer Technology