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If Only Tonight I Could Sleep

David Rosen

Las Vegas, Nv C/o Dublin, Ireland, UK

What does addiction sound like? The answer: ‘If Only Tonight I Could Sleep.’ This is the story of one day in the life of a recovering alcoholic, as she struggles to transition from an intoxicated past to an uncertain future. why does it matter? Because through empathy and understanding, healing is possible. This video comes from the album “Echoes In the Dark” by award-winning film music composer David Rosen and was brought to life by Las Vegas-based House of DON Productions, the sister business of Red Valley Media Group, a video production company specializing in B2B videography.

Through this project we hope to open others to the realities of addiction by exposing it to various film festivals around the world. Alcoholism recovery is a battle that is not completely unlike others we all face. This is just one story, and one subject matter along an infinite spectrum of human afflictions. In it, humanity struggles. Together, we can heal.

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