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SmartMetric: Biometric Credit Card

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Product Commercial Presentation Content

Las Vegas, NV

At SmartMetric, the revolutionaly technology of biometric fingerprint scanning is brougnt to the world of payments & identity security. Smart metric has spent more than an entire decade creating super micro electronics & components to bring the SmartMetric biometric credit card to life.

“BIOMETRICS inside your credit card is the most radical advancement in payments security since the invention of the credit card” – Chaya Hendrick

Red Valley Media Group was over-enthused to be a major part of producing commercial video content for the great minds at SmartMetric. The Video Production team was able to provide videography material, to which the company has been able to utilize fully in their search for finance & acounting corporations wanting to offer an extra measure of security to their patrons.

Website: https://www.smartmetric.com/